Thanks for the Tablet :D

2008-12-02 20:19:04 by Five-Iron

Thank you for the tablet Newgrounds! You're all the best at wearing purple!

First... Sorry to the person I bumped off to post this message.

Second... A True story from a crazy dancer at party tabashi...

Once upon a time there were two trees growing next to each other in a forest. One tree was a very straight and tall tree. The other tree was a very crooked tree. Everyday, the straight tree would say to the Crooked Tree, "You're Crooked! You've always been crooked, and you'll continue to stay crooked. But look at me! Look at me!", said the straight tree. "I'm tall, straight, and strong". Then lumber jacks came to the forest and said "Cut down all the straight trees". And to this day, that crooked tree is in the forest growing even stranger.


You should check out this person who isn't a gadjo.

No I don't know him or ever conversed, but he is really good animator at expressing feeling of mundane life. Don't believe me? Look at animations...

No Valentine
Watching Halloween
A Final Date

I would like to see more emotion in animations. Yes, it is probably making me emo gadjo. But emotion is powerful.

To Express my love for the new tablet :D Here is an emo/goth giraffe...

Thanks for the Tablet :D